Survey of General Biology

(3,3) 4

This course is a non-majors biology course that will cover the major units of general biology: (1) cells and energy; (2) genetics; (3) evolution; (4) organismal biology; (5) ecology. Developing a solid understanding of the fundamentals of general biology is vital to being an informed citizen about advances in the medical and food sciences, foundational and new information about the organization of life, and current issues of environmental and ecological concern. Course content is tied to the State of Michigan's benchmarks for training elementary school teachers, but any students interested in the life sciences are encouraged to take this class. The laboratory is designed to illustrate the course content as well as illustrate the principles of inquiry. Prerequisites: MATH088 and READ091 or equivalent test scores. Pre or Corequisite ENGL110.

Source: Academic Catalog 2020-21