Philosophy of Religion

(3,0) 3

This course examines the rational foundations for believing in and worshiping a Diety. In particular we will focus our inquiry on the God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam who is thought to possess the qualities of omniscience, omnipotence, and beneficence. (We will, however, exposit the deities Hinduism and Buddhism to put our study in context.) Can we prove that God exists? What might we owe God? How can we explain the existence of evil even though God is thought to be wholly good? What place does religion have in a pluralistic society? The history of Western Philosophy is in large part unified by the common pursuit of such questions. Not only are the questions themselves fascinating and perplexing, but also, they have been answered in inventive ways by many extraordinary thinkers. The Philosophy of Religion is, therefore, a continuing search that has as much to do with human ingenuity as it does about God. Prerequisite: ENGL111.

Source: Academic Catalog 2020-21