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Lake Superior State University

Computer Services



LSSU Information Technology offers a variety of services and programs for students. Classroom laboratories provide for instruction that involves computers and/or software. During non-class hours, general access labs provide copies of the software used in classes, open Internet access to students, as well as word processing software. Help for students utilizing software in the classroom or labs is available in the Learning Center. PCs enhance the research ability of the KJS Library with access to the Internet and many databases. The University maintains a student-to-computer ratio of 10-1 whenever possible.

Upon enrollment, a student will receive an e-mail account which can be used to access the university messaging system as well as communicating with friends and family. This account is free to any enrolled student. Instructions and help for using the e-mail account are available at the Information Technology HelpDesk in the Administration Building. Internet access is also available in student residences and many locations across campus.

The Information Technology HelpDesk is located in the Administration Building, room 107. The HelpDesk assists students with general computing problems related to any of the above services.