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Lake Superior State University

Business Administration — Management: Bachelor of Science

Program Description

This degree requires successful completion of a curriculum with a minimum of 128 semester hours.

The management major is designed to provide students with a broad background in business by presenting courses covering the functional areas of business. This management degree program prepares students for leadership positions in business and non-profit organizations.

Students will apply for admission to 300/400-level courses after completing the Pre-Business Core (PBC). See the School of Business for course listing.

Degree Requirements

General Education (31 Credits)

  • BUSN308 Managing Cultural Differences 3
  • COMM101 Fund. of Speech Communication 3
  • ENGL110 First-Year Composition I 3
  • ENGL111 First-Year Composition II 3
  • HUMN251 Humanities I 4
  • Humanities Elective 4
  • Natural Science laboratory courses 8
  • Social Science Elective 3

BS Degree Requirements (5 credits)

  • Natural science, social science, mathematics or computer science electives

Common Professional Component (60 credits)

Major Management Electives (16-17 credits)

  • MGMT380 Principles of Leadership 3
  • MGMT471 Production/Operations Management 3
  • MGMT476 Employee Training Development 4

Choose two of the following three courses:

  • LAWS301 Alternate Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management 3
  • MGMT451 Labor Law 4
  • MGMT469 Collective Bargaining 3

Free Electives (12-13 credits)

Bachelor of Arts Degree Notes (if applicable): One year (8 credits) of a modern language other than English. If taken at LSSU, this would be: CHIN151-152, FREN151-152 or 251-252, GRMN141-142 or 241-242, NATV141-142 or 201-202, or SPAN161-162.

One-half year of two different languages will not meet this requirement.

Bachelor of Science Degree Notes (if applicable): At least eight (8) semester credits in addition to courses used for general education requirements from categories of social science, natural science, computer science or mathematics.

These bachelor of science degree requirements can be used for majors or minors, but not general education.