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Lake Superior State University

Computer and Mathematical Sciences: Bachelor of Science

Program Description

This degree provides a solid background in both mathematics and computer science. Many graduates from this program who work in the computer industry have stressed that the mathematics foundation gained from this degree gave them a distinct advantage in the work place.

Modeling and Simulation of Real Systems — creates computer models of environments and processes in order to understand how they work and how to improve or alter them.

Graduate School — The background gained by this degree provides a good preparation for graduate study in computer science, mathematics and other related fields.

Degree Requirements

Departmental Requirements (76 credits)
Departmental GPA must be 2.50 or higher

  • CSCI103 Survey of computer Science 3
  • CSCI105 Intro. to Computer Programming 3
  • CSCI121 Principles of Programming 3
  • CSCI122 Programming Tools and Techniques 3
  • CSCI201 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
  • CSCI211 Database Applications 3
  • CSCI221 Computer Networks 3
  • CSCI291 Computer Science Project 4
  • CSCI312 File and Database Management 3
  • CSCI315 Computer Organization and Architecture 3
  • CSCI321 Computer Graphics 3
  • CSCI333 Systems Programming 3
  • CSCI334 Operating Systems Concepts 3
  • CSCI418 Senior Project I 3
  • CSCI419 Senior Project II 3
  • CSCI428 Computer Science Co-operative Education I 3
  • CSCI429 Computer Science Co-operative Education II 3
  • CSCI438 Computer Science Research Project I 3
  • CSCI439 Computer Science Research Project II 3
  • MATH151 Calculus I 4
  • MATH152 Calculus II 4
  • MATH215 Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics 3
  • MATH216 Discrete Mathematics and Problem Solving 3
  • MATH261 Intro. to Numerical Methods 3
  • MATH305 Linear Algebra 3
  • MATH308 Probability and Mathematical Statistics 3
  • MATH309 Applied Statistics 4
  • MATH351 Graph Theory 3

General Education (33-37 credits)
Free Electives (12-16 credits)

Total Credits 124

Elective credits and general education requirements must be completed so that at least 124 semester credits have been earned.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Notes (if applicable): One year (8 credits) of a modern language other than English. If taken at LSSU, this would be: CHIN151-152, FREN151-152 or 251-252, GRMN141-142 or 241-242, NATV141-142 or 201-202, or SPAN161-162.

One-half year of two different languages will not meet this requirement.

Bachelor of Science Degree Notes (if applicable): At least eight (8) semester credits in addition to courses used for general education requirements from categories of social science, natural science, computer science or mathematics.

These bachelor of science degree requirements can be used for majors or minors, but not general education.