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Lake Superior State University

Conservation Leadership: Bachelor of Arts

Program Description

The BA in Conservation Leadership prepares students for careers in global, national and community environmental conservation and advocacy programs. This multi-disciplinary program combines a strong core in the biological sciences with classes in geographic information systems, communications, business and economics, and political science. Students also take a year of foreign language, and students are encouraged to gain international experiences. The program is flexible, allowing students to select classes that best match their educational and career goals. Students conclude their program by completing an environmentally related service learning project for an environmental organization, unit of government, or business.

Conservation Biology

Degree Requirements

Major Requirements

Conservation Core (48-51 credits)

Experiential Learning Project

  • INTD398 Designing an Experiential Learning Project 1
  • BIOL497 Internship in Convervation Biology 3-6

Conservation Leadership Requirements (43-48 credits)

Ecological Management Directed Electives Select two: (7-8 credits)

  • BIOL230 Introduction to Soil Science 4
  • BIOL284 Principles of Forest Conservation 4
  • BIOL286 Principles of Watersheds 3

Systematics Directed Electives Select two: (6-7 credits)

Statistics - Select one (3-4 credits)

Management/Marketing Directed Elective-Select one (3-4 credits)

  • MGMT360 Managment Concepts and Applications 3
  • MRKT281 Marketing Principles and Strategies 3
  • MRKT385 Services Marketing 3

Political Science Directed Elective Select one (3-4 credits)

  • POLI130 Introduction State and Local Government 4
  • POLI201 Public Administration 3

Communications Directed Electives Select two (6-7 credits)

  • COMM280 Understanding the Mass Media 3
  • COMM302 Argumentation and Advocacy 3
  • COMM320 Public Relations 4
  • COMM416 Communicatons in Leadership 3

Chemistry & Environmental Science (7 credits)

Foreign Language - Select one year (8 credits)

  • CHIN151 and 152 First Year Chinese I and II 8
  • FREN151 and 152 First Year French I and II 8
  • SPAN161 and 162 First Year Spanish I and II 8

General Education (22-24 credits)

  • ENGL110 First-year Composition I 3
  • ENGL111 First-year Composition II 3
  • COMM101 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
  • HUMN251 Humanities I 4
  • Humanities Elective 3-4
  • Diversity Elective 3
  • Social Science Elective 3-4

Free Electives (6-11 credits)

  • Minimum at 300/400 level 6

Total Credits: 124

Bachelor of Arts Degree Notes (if applicable): One year (8 credits) of a modern language other than English. If taken at LSSU, this would be: CHIN151-152, FREN151-152 or 251-252, GRMN141-142 or 241-242, NATV141-142 or 201-202, or SPAN161-162.

One-half year of two different languages will not meet this requirement.

Bachelor of Science Degree Notes (if applicable): At least eight (8) semester credits in addition to courses used for general education requirements from categories of social science, natural science, computer science or mathematics.

These bachelor of science degree requirements can be used for majors or minors, but not general education.