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Lake Superior State University

Emeriti Faculty

Anderson, Melvin L., Professor of Chemistry (1969-1993); BS 1953, MS 1955, Michigan Technological University; PhD 1965, Michigan State University (deceased)

Anderson, Roland A., Associate Professor of Office Administration (1969-1986); BA 1953, Wisconsin State University-Whitewater; MA 1961, Northern Colorado University-Greeley

Arbic, Bernard J., Professor of Mathematics (1967-2000); BS 1962, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MA 1967, Bowdoin College; PhD 1972, University of Wyoming

Behmer, David J., Professor of Biology (1967-1996); BS 1963, Wisconsin State College; MS 1965, PhD 1966, Iowa State University

Blashill, James R., Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Fire Science(1995-2008); BS 1963, Wayne State University; MS 1976, Michigan State University

Bruce, Russell D., Professor of Physical Education and Recreation (1976-1987); BA 1953, Cornell College; MA 1956, University of Michigan; PhD 1966, University of Wisconsin

Carlson, Arthur F., Associate Professor of Physics (1947-1970); BS 1935, University of Minnesota. (deceased)

Carlson, Delphine, Associate Professor of Mathematics (1947-1969); BA 1934, MA 1938, University of Michigan. (deceased)

Campagna, Carol A., Associate Professor of Nursing (1984-2001); BSN 1964, D’Youville College; MSN 1969, University of Colorado

Castor, William N., Professor of Political Science (1971-1994); BA 1951, Middlebury College; MA 1952, Columbia University; PhD 1975, University of Denver

Chandra, Purna, Professor of Microbiology (1967-1994); BS 1949, MS 1951, Agra University; PhD 1958, Oregon State University

Chelberg, Raymond R., Professor of Chemistry (1946-1970); BS 1926, Gustavus Adolphus College; MS 1931, University of Minnesota. (deceased)

Cole, Wallace, Associate Professor of Mathematics (1955-1969); BS 1926, MA 1928, University of Wisconsin. (deceased)

Connaughton, M. Carole, Professor of Nursing (1984-1999); BSN 1956, Saint Mary’s College; MSN 1967 and PhD 1974, Indiana University

Cooper, Ronald R., Professor of Physical Education (1956-1986); Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and James Norris Physical Education Center (1976-1986); BS 1951, MA 1958, Central Michigan University (deceased)

Cullen, John C., Professor of Spanish (1967-2001); BA 1963, MA 1965, Michigan State University; PhD 1973, Interamerican University. (deceased)

Curtis, Robert W., Professor of Engineering Technology (1955-1986); BSME 1948, Michigan Technological University; BSEd 1950, Northern Michigan University; MA 1954, University of Michigan. (deceased)

Dahlman, Marvin, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology (1952-1985); BS 1947, MS 1952, University of Minnesota

Delaney-Lehman, Maureen J., Associate Professor/Librarian (1989-2009); BM 1975, Western Michigan University; MS 1980, Michigan State University; MLS 1988, University of Kentucky

Duwe, Arthur E., Professor of Biological Science (1968-1991); BS 1949, Alma College; MS 1950, PhD 1953, Ohio State University. (deceased)

Erkkila, John E., Professor of Business and Economics (1990-2009); BS 1970, Lake Superior State College; MA 1971, University of Windsor; PhD 1988, University of Western Ontario

Fabbri, Anthony J., Associate Professor of Computer Science (1996-2008); BA 1965, MS 1967, Indiana State University; EdD 1995, University of Louisville

Flynn, Michael, Professor of English (1961-1986); BA 1954, Central Michigan University; MA 1964, Northern Michigan University

Francisco, Wayne H., Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice (1973-1983); BS 1950, Eastern Michigan University; MA 1967, MS 1971, Michigan State University

Gaertner, Georgegeen P., Associate Professor of English (1965-2000); BA 1959, Michigan State University; MA 1963, University of Michigan

Gaertner, Robert C., Associate Professor of Finance (1965-2000); BBA 1964, University of Notre Dame; MBA 1965, Michigan State University

Gleason, Gale R., Professor of Biology and Department Head of Biology and Chemistry (1965-1986); BS 1950, Central Michigan University; MS 1951, PhD 1960 Michigan State University

Gleason, Gilbert J., Professor of Biology (1961-1988); BS 1958, MA 1960, Central Michigan University. (deceased)

Gutowski, Mieczyslaw, Associate Professor of Mathematics (1984, 1990); MS 1965, University of Lodz, Poland; PhD 1973, University of Gdansk, Poland.

Haag, William L., Professor of Chemistry (1984-2001); BS 1961, Loras College; MS 1965, PhD 1971, University of Nebraska

Halsey, Alice I., Associate Professor of Nursing (1963-2000), BSN 1962, University of Michigan; MSN 1977, Wayne State University

Harris, Earle B., Associate Professor of English (1976-1987); AB 1946, University of Michigan; BD 1947, ThM 1964, Princeton Theological Seminary (deceased)

Howe, Margaret, Associate Professor of Humanities (1969-1981); AB 1932, Northwestern University; MA 1965, Northern Michigan University (deceased)

Hudson, John S., Associate Professor of Accounting (1970-2002); BA 1963, MA 1965, Michigan State University; MBA 1967, Western Michigan University

Jemison, Eugene F., Associate Professor of Humanities (1969-1986); BA 1946, Washburn University; MFA 1948, Kansas City Art Institute (deceased)

Jennings, Richard P., Professor of Speech (1970-December 1998); BA 1950, University of Michigan; Master of Divinity 1953, Virginia Theological University; MA 1970, Central Michigan University

Jones, Charles W., Professor of Chemistry (1970-2001); AB 1954, Western State College of Colorado; MS 1957, PhD 1973, Oklahoma State University

Kelly, Thomas M., Professor of Sociology (1971-1992): BA 1952, St. Mary of the Lake University; STL 1956, Gregorian University, Rome; MA 1964, University of Notre Dame; MEd 1979, Loyola University

Kemp, C. Ernest, Associate Professor of Geology (1944-1980); Honorary Title “Dean Emeritus” of Lake Superior State University; BS 1949, Michigan Technological University (deceased)

Kennedy, Robert E., Associate Professor of Engineering (1948-1971); BS 1932, MS 1939, University of Michigan (deceased)

Knowles, David M., Professor of Geology (1969-1994); BS 1954, MS 1955, Michigan Technological University; PhD 1967, Columbia University

Knudson, Vernie A., Associate Professor of Natural Resources Technology (1971- 1994); BS 1954, Bethany College; BS 1958, University of Kansas; MS 1959, Fort Hays State College; PhD 1970, Oklahoma State University (deceased)

Lehman, John W., Professor of Chemistry (1966-2001); BS 1960, McPherson College; PhD 1969, University of Colorado

Linderoth, Leon W., Professor of English (1968-2000), BA/BS 1958, Central Michigan University; MA 1960 and PhD 1966, Florida State University

Madl, John T., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering (1967-2002); BSME 1965, MSME 1967, Michigan Technological University

Marken, Marzale, Associate Professor of Engineering Technology (1955-1984); BS 1948; MA 1956, University of Minnesota. (deceased)

Matheson, John M., Professor of Journalism and Secretary, Board of Control (1969-1984); BA 1948, Michigan State University; MA 1965, PhD 1967, Southern Illinois University

McCabe, John C. III, Professor of English (1970-1987); PhB 1947, University of Detroit; MFA 1948, Fordham University; PhD 1954, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, England. (deceased)

Mickewich, Thomas, Professor of Mathematics (1967-2002); BA 1964, MA 1967, University of Maine

Money, Robert M., Professor of History (1969-2010); BA 1953, Northern Michigan University; MA 1958, University of Michigan

Mullin, C. Randolph (Randy), Professor of Physics/Coordinator of the Planetarium (1969-2009); BS 1959, St. Vincent College; PhD 1964, University of Notre Dame

Person, Steven J., Professor of Biology (1974-1989); B.S. 1966, MS 1968, Iowa State University; PhD 1976, University of Alaska.

Poisson, Joseph A., Associate Professor of Physical Education (1963-1976); SS 1940, Northern Michigan University; MA 1957, University of Michigan. (deceased)

Reilly, Raymond, E., Professor of Biology and Chemistry, (1966-1990); BS 1951, MS 1951, MS 1963, PhD 1970, Michigan State University

Samson, Gerald, Professor of Mathematics (1966-1990); BA 1952, University of Michigan; MA 1955, MS 1966, Texas A & M University

Sawczak, George J., Assistant Professor of English (1965-1982); BA 1952, Alliance; MA 1954, Kent State University

Sawyer, Timothy J., Professor of Psychology (1976-1989); BA 1972, Northern Michigan University; MA 1974, PhD 1976, University of Nevada.

Sherman, Karl J., Associate Professor of Accounting (1971-2000); BS 1965, Northern Michigan University; MS 1967, Southern Illinois University

Shouldice, Kenneth J., Professor of Business Administration and President (1965-1982); BS 1949, Marquette; MS 1951, Northwestern; PhD 1969, Iowa. (deceased)

Smith, Bernard M., Professor of Behavioral Science (1966-1980); BA 1947, MA 1949, University of Louisville; MA 1956, University of Kentucky; PhD 1960, Iowa. (deceased)

Smith, Bryce E., Professor of Biology (1970-1995); BS 1952, MA 1957, University of Michigan; PhD 1965, University of Wisconsin

Stough, Bessie, Associate Professor of Mathematics (1947-1963); BA 1923, MA 1929, University of Michigan. (deceased)

Thesing, Gary L., Professor of Mathematics (1971-1999), BA 1969, Saint Mary of the Plains College; MS 1964, University of Notre Dame; EdD 1971, Oklahoma State University

Thomsen, Viggo, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences (1947-1973); BA 1932, University of Michigan. (deceased)

Toffolo, E. Gary, Professor of Humanities (1970-2001); BS 1958, Northwestern University; MA 1961, University of Chicago

Truckey, John, Associate Professor of Counseling (1966-1986); BS 1958, MA 1964, Northern Michigan University

Vialpando, Edeltraute, Professor of Foreign Languages (1967-1988); PhD 1944, Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovakia (deceased)

Ward, Louis R., Professor of English (1961-1981); BA 1939, MA 1940, University of Colorado; PhD 1959, Purdue University (deceased)

Weber, Charles L., Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering (1970-1999), BS 1964 and MSEE 1970, Michigan Technological University

Wilson, Paul W., Professor of Mathematics (1963-2000), BS 19621 and MA 1963, Central Michigan University

Youngs, Stephen P., Professor and Psychometrist (1947-1968); BS 1930, Northern Michigan University; MEd 1941, Colorado. (deceased)