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Lake Superior State University

Minor: Japanese Study

Degree Requirements

Total Credits Required: 26-28

Required Courses:

  • JAPN105 Intensive Introductory Japanese Language I 10
  • JAPN106 Intensive Introductory Japanese Language II 10

Select two courses from the following:

  • JAPN201 Culture and Society of Japan I 3
  • JAPN202 Culture and Society of Japan II 3
  • JAPN301 Japanese Art and Culture I 4
  • JAPN302 Japanese Art and Culture II 4

Students must complete the full-year program at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities. Enrollment in the program is based upon the requirement that the student be a full-time, tuition-paying student of LSSU. The center is located in Hikone, Japan, and it is their staff and resources that provide the courses for this minor. Completion of this minor shall fulfill the one-year foreign language required for a bachelor of arts degree. Students are strongly advised to take GEOG323.

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