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Lake Superior State University

Minor: Literature - Secondary Teaching

Degree Requirements

Total Credits Required: 24

English Requirements:

Select one methods course from the following:

  • EDUC441 Secondary Language Arts Methods 3
  • EDUC451 Independent Study: Language Arts Methods 3

Select one sequence from the following:

Select one from the following:

  • ENGL235 Survey of Native Literature of North America 3
  • ENGL236 Literature and Culture 3
  • ENGL340 Genre Studies 3
  • ENGL404 Literature Before 1800 (Topic) 3
  • ENGL408 Literature After 1800 (Topic) 3

Select one from the following:

  • ENGL221 Introduction to Creative Writing 3
  • THEA251 History of Drama and Theater I 3
  • THEA252 History of Drama and Theater II 3
  • THEA309 Speech and Drama Productions 3
  • THEA333 Studies in the Drama: The Genre and Theater in Context 3

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