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Lake Superior State University

Marine Technology

Program Description

The associate degree in Marine technology will prepare you for careers related to oceanography and Great Lakes limnology. The program provides a solid basis in the biological and physical aquatic sciences, incorporating LSSU’s expertise in robotics and GIS technologies. Graduates will be ideally suited for liaison positions between ship personnel and scientific research teams.

Degree Requirements

Major Degree Requirements (54 credits)

  • BIOL107 Field Biology 3
  • BIOL286 Principles of Watersheds 3
  • BIOL/EVRN289 Aquatic Research Sampling Methods 3
  • CHEM108 Applied Chemistry 3
  • CHEM109 Applied Chemistry Lab 1
  • EGET110 Applied Electricity 4
  • EGRS215 Introduction to Robotics 2
  • EMED189 Medical First Responder 3
  • EVRN126 Interpretation of Maps and Aerial Photography 2
  • EVRN131 Introduction to GIS and GPS 3
  • GEOG108 Physical Geography: Meteorology and Climatology 4
  • INTD101 Boat Handling and Navigation 3
  • INTD399 Internship in (Marine Biology) 4
  • MATH108 Trigonometry and Vectors for Physics 1
  • MATH111 College Algebra 3
  • NSCI116 Introduction to Oceanography 4

Directed Electives:

Choose 8 credits from:

General Education Requirements (9 credits)

Total credits: 63