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Lake Superior State University

Minor: Native Studies of the Americas

The Native Studies of the Americas minor is designed to provide valuable historical and contemporary information about Native culture and society. The courses in the Native Studies of the Americas minor reflect the Native experience throughout North and South America, but focus on issues of importance to Native peoples in the Great Lakes region.

The Native Studies of the Americas minor is appropriate for students majoring in a wide variety of subjects who may or may not be Native themselves, but expect to work in a Native setting or in an area with a high Native population. Students who are simply interested in and wish to explore the Native cultures in our area will also benefit from this program.

Degree Requirements

Total Credits Required 23

Required Courses (10 credits)

  • NATV/SOCY225 Native Cultures of North America 3
  • NATV/HIST230 Survey of Native History of North America 4
  • NATV 310 Seminar in Native Studies of the Americas 3

Electives from the following (13 credits)
(at least 3 credits must be 300 level)

  • SOCY103 Cultural Diversity 3
  • NATV141 Ojibwe I, Anishinaabemowin 4
  • NATV142 Ojibwe II, Anishinaabemowin 4
  • NATV201 Second-Year Ojibwe I, Anishinaabemowin 4
  • NATV202 Second-Year Ojibwe II, Anishinaabemowin 4
  • NATV210 Indigenous Peoples of Central and South America 3
  • NATV/ENGL235 Survey of Native Literature of North America 3
  • NATV/HUMN240 Native Art and Culture 3
  • NATV/LAWS/POLI305 Tribal Law and Government 3
  • NATV320 Contemporary Native Issues of North America 3

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