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Lake Superior State University

Parks and Recreation: Bachelor of Science

Program Description

The bachelor of science degree in parks and recreation combines an associates degree in natural resources technology with additional course work relative to human resource management in the outdoor environment. Many jobs can be found in the public, private and commercial settings.

A one-semester internship is required for this degree.

Degree Requirements

General education requirements and sufficient electives must also be completed so that at least 125 credits have been earned.

Program Requirements (36 credits)

  • RECS101 Introduction to Recreation 3
  • RECS105 Program Development and Leadership 3
  • RECS262 Outdoor Recreation 3
  • RECS295 Recreation Practicum 1
  • RECS360 Facilitation and Interpretation 3
  • RECS362 Land Management for Recreation Purposes 3
  • RECS365 Expedition Management 3
  • RECS390 Recreation Leader Apprenticeship 1
  • RECS397 Recreation Studies Junior Research Seminar 1
  • RECS435 Research in Recreation and Leisure Sciences 3
  • RECS437 Recreation Studies Senior Research Seminar 1
  • RECS481 Professional Development Seminar 1
  • RECS482 Administration of Recreation and Leisure Services 4
  • RECS492* Recreation Internship 6

Cognate Requirements (32 credits)

  • BIOL107 Field Biology 3
  • BIOL126 Interpretation of Maps and Aerial Photography 2
  • BIOL230 Introduction to Soils 4
  • BIOL240 Natural History of Vertebrates 3
  • BIOL284 Principles of Forestry 4
  • BIOL286 Watershed Management 3
  • CHEM108 Survey of General Chemistry 3
  • CHEM109 Survey of General Chemistry Lab 1
  • EVRN131 Introduction to GIS and GPOLI 3
  • EVRN231 Intermediate GIS 2
  • NSCI103 Environmental Science 3
  • NSCI104 Environmental Science Lab 1

Support Requirements (30 credits)

  • ACTG230 Fundamentals of Accounting 4
  • ACTG132 Principles of Accounting I 4
  • OFFC119 Computerized Accounting Procedures 4
  • COMM101 Fund. of Speech Communication 3
  • EMED189 Medical First Responder 3
  • FIRE102 Wildland and Rural Fire Control 3
  • HMSV480 Grantwriting 3
  • MATH111 College Algebra 3
  • POLI130 Introduction to State and Local Government 4
  • PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology 4
  • PSYC210 Statistics 3
  • MATH207 Principles of Statistical Methods 3

*RECS492 may be completed during the summer of the student’s junior or senior year, in accordance with academic prerequisites.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Notes (if applicable): One year (8 credits) of a modern language other than English. If taken at LSSU, this would be: CHIN151-152, FREN151-152 or 251-252, GRMN141-142 or 241-242, NATV141-142 or 201-202, or SPAN161-162.

One-half year of two different languages will not meet this requirement.

Bachelor of Science Degree Notes (if applicable): At least eight (8) semester credits in addition to courses used for general education requirements from categories of social science, natural science, computer science or mathematics.

These bachelor of science degree requirements can be used for majors or minors, but not general education.