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Lake Superior State University

Personal Computer Specialist

Program Description

Personal computers of today outperform the mainframe computers of a generation ago at a fraction of the cost. This associate’s degree trains individuals to assist personal computer users. They will be able to assemble, upgrade, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair personal computers. Computer skill courses are combined with general education and business courses.

Degree Requirements

Required for Degree (62 credits)

General Education Requirements (18 credits)

  • COMM101 Fund. of Speech Communication 3
  • ENGL110 First-Year Composition I 3
  • ENGL111 First-Year Composition II 3
  • MATH110 (or higher) Explorations in Math 3


  • PHIL205 Logic 3
  • General Education Electives 6

Department Requirements (31 credits)

Business or Computer Science Electives (9 credits)

  • BUSN121 Introduction to Business 3
  • BUSN350 Business Law I 3
  • CSCI105 Intro. to Computer Programming 3
  • CSCI106 Web Page Design and Development 3
  • CSCI271 Network Hardware and Software 3
  • CSCI281 Network Design and Implementation 3
  • FINC242 Personal Finance 3
  • FINC245 Principles of Finance 3
  • MRKT281 Marketing Principles and Strategy 3

Electives must be completed to total a minimum of 62 semester credits.