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Lake Superior State University

Certificate: Personal Computer Specialist

Program Description

This program provides the skills necessary to assist personal computer users with the assembly, upgrade, maintenance and repairing of personal computers. With additional courses in general education and business, holders of this certificate can obtain the associate’s degree. Requires a minimum of 32 credits.

Degree Requirements

  • CSCI163 Troubleshooting of Repair of Personal Computers 3
  • CSCI221 Computer Networks 3
  • CSCI263 Storage, Protection and Recovery and Repair of Personal Computers 3
  • DATA225 Word Processing Techniques 3
  • DATA231 Database 3
  • DATA235 Spreadsheets 3
  • DATA261 Multimedia Applications 3
  • ENGL110 First-Year Composition I 3
  • OFFC119 Accounting Procedures 4
  • Electives 4

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