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Lake Superior State University

Post-Baccalaureate Bachelor

Program Description

The Bachelor of Education degree is a post-baccalaureate program specifically targeted to degree-holding individuals who complete a program leading to Michigan Teacher Certification through LSSU. A recommendation for Michigan teacher certification requires the candidate to hold 1) an earned bachelor’s degree, 2) approved majors/minor (approved by the Michigan Department of Education as appropriate to K-12 educators and authorized by this institution), 3) professional education courses, and 4) courses considered as general/liberal education.

Individuals who completed non-teaching field majors (e.g. fisheries and wildlife management or forensic chemistry) may later seek to gain Michigan teacher certification (e.g. as teachers of biology or chemistry, respectively). These candidates may complete a substantial quantity of education-specific courses, including 32 credits of 400-level and above courses, after completion of their bachelor’s degree.

The bachelor of education degree is available to recognize the additional training and experience associated with these post-baccalaureate courses in education.

Plan of Study

Courses required in the B.Ed. degree include the required courses leading to Michigan teacher certification. Generally, with the exception of the student teaching internship courses, these are completed prior to graduation with the initial bachelor’s degree.

Candidates must complete 32 credits of 400-level EDUC coursework after graduation. Student teaching requires 24 credits, the balance are earned in association with the teacher certification requirements, or selected from among the graduate courses offered on rotation in association with the Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction

Admission requirements to B.Ed. program include

  • An earned 4-year bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.70 (out of 4.00) grade point average
  • Earned GPA in major/minor fields at least 2.70 (out of 4.00)
  • No grade below C in major/minor, no EDUC course grade below B- (2.70)
  • Completion of approved teaching majors and/or minors. Secondary candidates are required to hold an approved teachable major and minor. Elementary candidates are required to hold approved teachable major or two teachable minors. See the undergraduate teacher handbook for additional guidelines.
  • Satisfactory field experiences totaling more than 150 hours with appropriate evaulations
  • Satisfactory professional dispositions based on references and evaluation.

Degree Requirements

Professional Educational Requirements (46-49 credits)

  • EDUC150 Reflections of Teaching and Learning 3
  • EDUC250 Student Diversity & Schools 3
  • EDUC301 Learning Theory Teaching Practice 4
  • EDUC480 Internship Teaching: Seminar 1
  • EDUC480 Internship Teaching: Seminar 1
  • EDUC491 Internship/Advanced Methods: [Subject] 8
  • EDUC492 Internship/Advanced Methods: [Subject] 8
  • EDUC602 Reflection Inquiry Teaching Practice I 3
  • EDUC605 Integrated Approach to Curriculum Design Implementation 3
  • EDUC Electives 400-level or higher 8

Complete one of the following two sequences:

Elementary candidates complete —

  • EDUC330 Reading in the Elementary Classroom 3
  • EDUC410 Corrective Reading 3
  • EDUC411 Elementary Language Arts Methods 3
  • EDUC420 Elementary Math Methods 2
  • EDUC421 Elementary Science Methods 2
  • EDUC422 Elementary Social Studies Methods 2

Secondary candidates complete —

  • EDUC430 General Methods for Secondary Teachers 3
  • EDUC431 The Secondary Learner 3
  • EDUC440 Reading Content Area 3

Select at least one from the following list based on academic major/minor or the respective independent study methods course by subject:

  • EDUC441 Language Arts Methods for Secondary Teachers
  • EDUC451 Directed Study in Language Arts Methods
  • EDUC442 Math Methods for Secondary Teachers
  • EDUC452 Directed Study in Mathematics Methods
  • EDUC443 Science Methods for Secondary Teachers
  • EDUC453 Directed Study in Science Methods
  • EDUC444 Social Studies Methods for Secondary Teachers
  • EDUC454 Directed Study in Social Studies Methods
  • EDUC445 Teaching Computer Science in the Secondary Classroom
  • EDUC455 Directed Study in Computer Science Methods
  • EDUC446 Business Education Methods for Secondary Teachers
  • EDUC456 Directed Study in Business/Economics Methods

Education Cognates (4 credits)

  • MATH207 Principles of Statistical Methods 3

One credit from courses in:

  • ARTS, DANC, MUSC, THEA, or NATV240 1

Graduation Requirements:

  • 32 credits in EDUC courses earned after initial bachelor’s degree
  • B- (2.70/4.00) in all EDUC courses
  • 2.70/4.00 GPA in major, minor and overall
  • Satisfactory completion of student teaching internship

Michigan Certification Requirements:

  • Passing score on appicable MTTC examinations
  • Satisfactory Professional Dispositions
  • Valid AHA/ARC First Aid/CPR certification
  • Criminal Disclosure documentation

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