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Lake Superior State University

Campus Employment

Federal Work-Study

If you have demonstrated financial need, you may be eligible for employment by Lake Superior State University under the federally supported Work-Study Program. You must file a FAFSA to be considered for this program and have financial need.

Students may work up to 19 hours weekly while attending classes at least half-time. During the summer or other vacation periods when you do not have classes, you may work full-time (40 hours per week) under this program.

The basic starting rate tends to be commensurate with the current minimum wage. Higher rates are paid for highly specialized work.

America Reads Program at Lake Superior State University is another work study opportunity for students. Students work as reading tutors in the local elementary schools and are paid through the Federal Work-Study Program. Interested students should request this unique employment experience when submitting their applications for employment.

Other Campus Work Opportunity

If you are interested in working on campus, but do not qualify for work study, you may apply at the Office of Human Resources. There are more than 300 positions open on campus for full-time students.

Every effort is made to employ students in areas of study providing a “learn while you earn” situation. On-campus jobs include work in laboratories, libraries, maintenance, offices, switchboard and food service areas. You can earn approximately $2,000 during the school year and up to $4,600 in the summer with an on-campus job.

It is recommended that students on academic probation do not continue or seek employment until probationary status has been corrected.

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