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Lake Superior State University

Social Science: Bachelor of Arts/Science

Program Description

The social science degree helps prepare students to be effective citizens and develops skills useful in various employment areas, both in the public and private sectors. Both degree programs allow you to take a large number of electives, providing flexibility in accommodating a number of career plans.

Degree Requirements

Major Area Requirements:

Introductory Sequences (27-31 credits)

Students must select four full-year introductory sequence courses from the following six areas:

  • Economics 6
  • Geography 8
  • History 8
  • Political Science 8
  • Psychology 7
  • Sociology 6

Lower-level Courses from the Six Areas of the Major (9 credits)

  • Students must choose at least nine credits from the 100-200 level in the six areas.

Upper-level Courses from the Six Areas of the Major (21 credits)

  • Students must choose 21 credits from the 300-400 level offerings in the six areas. No more than 12 credits can be in any one discipline.

Methodology courses (5-7 credits)

Students choose one course from List A and one course from List B:

List A: Statistics (choose one)

  • SOCY302 Statistics for Social Science
  • PSYC210 Statistics
  • POLI211 Political Science Research and Statistics

List B: Methods (choose one)

Minor or Cognate: To earn a bachelor of arts degree, students must take eight credits of a foreign language as well as an additional 12 approved credits from English, humanities, speech, journalism or philosophy (beyond general education requirements).

For a bachelor of science degree, students will take an approved minor in natural science or social science (20-28 credits).

General Education and Electives: Students must complete all the general education requirements and electives to total 124 semester credits.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Notes (if applicable): One year (8 credits) of a modern language other than English. If taken at LSSU, this would be: CHIN151-152, FREN151-152 or 251-252, GRMN141-142 or 241-242, NATV141-142 or 201-202, or SPAN161-162.

One-half year of two different languages will not meet this requirement.

Bachelor of Science Degree Notes (if applicable): At least eight (8) semester credits in addition to courses used for general education requirements from categories of social science, natural science, computer science or mathematics.

These bachelor of science degree requirements can be used for majors or minors, but not general education.