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Lake Superior State University

Minor: Spanish Language - Literature and Culture

Degree Requirements

Total Credits Required: 28

Required Courses:

Minimum of 8 credit hours from the following list of Spanish electives:

  • SPAN301 Study Abroad 8
  • SPAN368 Selected Topics in Conversation 2
  • SPAN380 Survey of Spanish-American Lit. I 3
  • SPAN381 Survey of Spanish-American Lit. II 3
  • SPAN401 The Spanish Novel 3
  • SPAN402 The Spanish-American Novel 3
  • SPAN410 Spanish-American Civilization 3
  • SPAN411 Spanish Civilization 3
  • SPAN412 Hispanic LIterature of the Southwest 3
  • SPAN490 Topics in Hispanic Literature 1-4
  • LING403 Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Teaching 3

A minimum of 28 hours in Spanish, with at least 3 hours of 400-level Spanish course work, must be completed for all Spanish minors. In addition, all Spanish minors are required to take Spanish 361 and 362 in residency at LSSU.

With faculty approval, courses taken abroad may substitute for Spanish 261 and 262.

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