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Lake Superior State University

Exercise Science: Bachelor of Science

Program Description

A bachelor of science degree in exercise science prepares you to work in a variety of professional settings, ranging from corporate fitness to hospital clinical to educator and trainer.

Upon graduation, students are prepared and qualify to sit for both American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) certifications.

Graduate School Preparations: Students progress to graduate programs in exercise science, sport psychology, physical therapy, chiropractic medicine and other allied health fields.

Degree Requirements

Program Requirements (51 credits)

  • EXER105 Leadership Programming 3
  • EXER140 Health Fitness 3
  • EXER141 Introduction to Movement 3
  • EXER230 Athletic Injury and Illness Prevention 3
  • EXER262 Exercise Physiology I 3
  • EXER265 Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning 3
  • EXER268 Fitness Evaluation I: Field Tests 2
  • EXER275 Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance 2
  • EXER295 Practicum 1
  • EXER344 Kinesiology 3
  • EXER348 Fitness Evaluation II: Laboratory Procedures 3
  • EXER358 Research Methods in Exercise Science 3
  • EXER362 Exercise Physiology II 3
  • EXER390 Recreation Leadership Apprenticeship 1
  • EXER444 Exercise Prescription 2
  • EXER452 Allied Health Administration 3
  • EXER481 Professional Development Seminar 1
  • EXER492 Internship 6
  • EXER496 Selected Research Topics 3

Cognate Requirements (25-27 credits)

School Electives (10 credits)

  • EXER232 Athletic Injury & Illness Recognition and Evaluation 3
  • EXER234 Preventative Taping Techniques 1
  • EXER248 Psychology of Sport and Performance and Coaching 3
  • EXER295 Practicum 3
  • EXER340 Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training 3
  • EXER346 Therapeutic Exercise in Athletic Training 3
  • EXER349 Orthopedic Assessment in Sports Medicine 3
  • EXER390 Recreation Leadership Apprenticeship 1
  • EXER428 Psychological Aspects of Exercise and Athletic Rehabilitation 3
  • EXER434 Neurological Basics of Motor Learning 3
  • EXER440 Exercise Physiology Seminar 2
  • EXER442 Electrocardiography in Exercise Science 2
  • EXER446 Exercise Prescription and Testing for Special Populations 3
  • EXER450 Philosophy of Human Performance and Leisure 3

Cognate Electives (12 credits)

  • Select with your advisor

Elective credits (approximately 3)

General Education:  All LSSU bachelor's degree candidates must complete the LSSU general education core requirements, or have earned the MACRAO Stamp (Michigan Community College transfer students), or have completed the general education certification (Sault College transfer students), or have already earned a bachelor's degree (honors bachelor degree from a Canadian University).

A minimum of 125 credits (at the 100 level or higher) must be earned for graduation with a cumulative gpa of 2.00 or higher.  A gpa of 2.00 or higher is also required in your Major, as well as in your General Education Core Requirements.

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