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Lake Superior State University

Spanish: Bachelor of Arts

Program Description

Spanish is spoken by the third largest group of the world’s population today — 250 million people. The Spanish B.A. program at LSSU is designed to give students the opportunity to acquire Spanish language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The program will introduce Spanish majors to prominent historical, social and artistic developments of Spanish speaking countries.

Students successfully completing their Spanish major studies will improve their skills in critical reading, analytic writing, communication and linguistic awareness. In addition, they will develop understanding of, and appreciation for, diversity and cultural difference through immersion into the history, culture, and art of Spanish speaking countries.

The program will prepare students for the communicative and culturally aware use of the Spanish language in careers related to international relations, business, communication and cultural exchange. Students with a degree in Spanish will gain marketable linguistic skills to work in areas of public service with bilingual or Spanish speaking populations in the United States.

Degree Requirements

Spanish Degree Requirements (45 credits)

Required (20 credits)

Electives (9 credits must be at the 400 level) (25 credits)

  • LING403 Language Acquisition & Foreign Language Teaching 3
  • SPAN100 Special Topics 1-3
  • SPAN200 Special Topics 1-3
  • SPAN300 Special Topics 1-3
  • SPAN400 Special Topics 1-3
  • SPAN165 Spanish for Public Safety 4
  • SPAN301 Study Abroad 8
  • SPAN368 Selected Topics in Conversation 2
  • SPAN380 Survey of Spanish-American Literature I 3
  • SPAN381 Survey of Spanish-American Literature II 3
  • SPAN401 The Spanish Novel 3
  • SPAN402 The Spanish-American Novel 3
  • SPAN410 Spanish-American Civilization 3
  • SPAN411 Spanish Civilization 3
  • SPAN412 Hispanic Literature of the Southwest 3
  • SPAN490 Topics in Hispanic Literature 1-4

General Education:  All LSSU bachelor's degree candidates must complete the LSSU General Education Core Requirements, or have earned the MACRAO Stamp (Michigan Community College transfer students), or have completed the general education certification (Sault College transfer students), or have already earned a bachelor's degree (honors bachelor degree from a Canadian University).

Bachelor of Arts Requirement (8 credits)

One year of foreign language

A minimum of 124 credits (at the 100 level or higher) must be earned for graduation with a cumulative gpa of 2.00 or higher.  A gpa of 2.00 or higher is also required in your Major, as well as in your General Education Core Requirements. 

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