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Lake Superior State University

Code of Ethics

  • We value a personal approach to education which provides the student access to faculty and staff — education provided in a small collegial atmosphere.
  • We value our high quality academic programs which provide practical, technical education with the liberal arts tradition.
  • We value a supportive, caring environment exemplified by mutual trust and respect and where each individual has worth through a holistic, student-centered focus. We respect not only the rights but the feelings of others.
  • We value the exploration of new paradigms and the creative energy needed to stay at the forefront of knowledge.
  • We value systematic assessment of all aspects of the University’s operation and constructive improvements based on these evaluations.
  • We value our public service role. “Enter to learn, go forth to serve” is a traditional motto at Lake Superior State University.
  • We value our collaborative partnerships characterized by high ethical standards with international colleagues, businesses, other educational institutions, community organizations, regional contacts and governmental entities.
  • We value our unique geographical setting with its natural beauty and its international focus.
  • We value the educational opportunities which are provided in a safer environment.
  • We value the University’s physical plant with its historical buildings which are both state and national treasures.
  • We value a work ethic which emphasizes productive time-on-task, diligence, ethical behavior and responsibility in the student’s personal development.
  • We value our extracurricular, co-curricular programs and activities which contribute to the students’ personal and professional growth.
  • We value an environment which celebrates diversity and focuses on the value of each individual’s contribution to the general welfare.
  • We value the alumni and friends of the University who provide inspiration, loyalty and support.
  • We value decisions which are in the best interests of the University and its students.

Expectations for Student Learning

Lake Superior State University utilizes a Student Academic Achievement Plan developed by the faculty to enhance continuous quality improvement and to meet the Assessment Initiative of the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The intent of this plan is to document student learning at Lake Superior State University both in the major program and across the general education requirements. This continuous evaluation process works to assure high quality teaching and effective student learning. The faculty at Lake Superior State University have collectively agreed upon the characteristics of the educated person the institution hopes to graduate and have identified outcomes that can be used to document these attributes. The following are areas that the faculty have deemed essential to a liberal education and have value for the students in their lives as responsible citizens: communication skills, mathematics, cultural diversity, humanities, and social and natural science. Students who complete the general education courses at Lake Superior State University will be able to demonstrate attributes of the general education outcomes.

Students attending Lake Superior State University can expect commitment by the University to document and enhance student learning. Through the assessment process, the University demonstrates its commitment to improving student learning and ensures that when students graduate they have attained specific attributes and abilities.

Lake Superior State University expects a commitment on the part of its students to actively participate in the learning process.

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