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Lake Superior State University

Campus Life

Campus life is an important part of your Lake Superior State University experience. There are countless opportunities to enhance your educational experience. We encourage you to participate in student activities and to get involved with the campus. It is a great way to meet people and gain invaluable experiences and insights that will help when you graduate.

There are more than 60 different clubs and organizations at LSSU. There is always something going on so you can be a part of the campus scene.

We have 11 sports at Lake State: basketball, cross country, track and tennis for men and women; ice hockey for men; and volleyball and softball for women. In addition, the University has an extensive intramurals program including sports such as broomball, basketball, hockey and more.

Beyond the programs and services on campus, you have the natural splendor of the Upper Peninsula and Canada. Good hunting and excellent fishing are found within a few miles of campus. Favorite winter sports are skating, hockey, snowshoeing, tobogganing, ice fishing and skiing.

The LSSU Ombudsman

If you’re a student in need of assistance to resolve a conflict or dispute within the University then you should contact the LSSU Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is a senior faculty member appointed by the President and Provost to assist students in resolving these types of issues. The Ombudsman carries out these duties in a neutral, impartial, confidential, informal and independent manner.

What does an Ombudsman do?

Following a request for assistance, the Ombudsman will take one or more of the following actions: (1) listen carefully to the concern, (2) explain relevant student rights and responsibilities, (3) review relevant University policies or regulations, (4) suggest fair and equitable options, (5) refer the individual to an appropriate university resource or (6) investigate, when necessary.

Specifically the LSSU Ombudsman:

  • meets with the respective student and listens intently,
  • discusses conflicts, disputes, and complaints that the student has about the functioning of the University, including policies, and procedures, the actions of others, and treatment that is unfair,
  • helps the student identify and evaluate the options available to address his/her concerns
  • works with the student to promote the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills,
  • helps the student to understand their rights and will encourage and coach the student to work on their own behalf to resolve conflicts,
  • answers questions or find others who are able to answer the respective questions,
  • engages in shuttle diplomacy between parties who are finding it difficult to solve a problem between the two of them, or
  • identifies problem areas, and areas of conflict, that exist within the University and makes recommendations to the University leadership.

Are there things the Ombudsman cannot do?

Yes. The Ombudsman is not an advocate for any group on campus; instead, the Ombudsman is an advocate for fairness. The Ombudsman also does not provide legal service, represent students or instructors at academic grievance or disciplinary hearings or mediate disputes between or among faculty or between faculty and administrators. The Ombudsman does not accept formal complaints, or notices, for the University.

Specifically the LSSU Ombudsman does not:

  • administer sanctions,
  • determine “guilt” or “innocence” of those being accused of wrong doing ,
  • make academic or administrative decisions for other parts of the University
  • give legal advice,
  • participate in formal grievance processes, hearings or judicial processes,
  • accept official “notice” for the University about issues,
  • keep official University records and/or written accounts of individual meetings with students, or
  • respond to subpoenas or other requests for information because of assertion of Ombudsman privilege.

How can I Contact the Ombudsman?

Students may contact the Ombudsman in person, by email, or by phone. Please remember that e-mail is not recommended for confidential discussions. The LSSU Ombudsman is:

Dr. Sally Childs
Norris Center, Room 108D
Phone #: 906-635-2610

Other Information:

According to the International Ombudsman Association ( Code of Ethics, an Ombudsman practices:


An Ombudsman is independent in structure, function, and appearance to the highest degree possible within the organization

Neutrality and Impartiality

The Ombudsman, as a designated neutral, remains unaligned and impartial. The Ombudsman does not engage in any situation which could create a conflict of interest.


The Ombudsman holds all communications with those seeking assistance in strict confidence, and does not disclose confidential communications unless given permission to do so. The only exception to this privilege of confidentiality is where there appears to be imminent risk of serious harm.


The Ombudsman, as an informal resource, does not participate in formal adjudicative or administrative procedure related to concerns brought to his/her attention.

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