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Lake Superior State University

Emeriti Staff

Adams, Ray, Dean, College of Engineering and Mathematics; BS 1975, MS 1978, Nicholls State College

Arbuckle, Robert D., President, Professor of History (1992-2002); BS 1964, Clarion State University; MA 1966, PhD 1972, Penn State University

Bugbee, Thomas R., Vice President for Student Affairs/Secretary to the Board of Trustees; BA 1973, Michigan State University; MA 1974, Eastern Michigan University (deceased)

DePlonty, Stella R., Assistant to the Provost for Academic Records (1960-2011)

Fenlon, Paul T., Director of Employment Services; BS 1964, Western Michigan University

Harger, Bruce T., Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost (1967-2007); BA 1966, MA 1967, PhD 1991, Michigan State University

Markstrom, Mae E., Dean of the School of Health and Human Services (1968-1997); Nursing Diploma 1959, Grace Hospital of Nursing; BA 1970, Lake Superior State University; MSN 1977, Wayne State University; PhD 1991, Michigan State University

McLain, Tony L., President (2009-2014); BS 1969, MA 1971, Western Michigan University; PhD 1986, Michigan State University

Michels, Fredrick A., Dean of Academic Services (1976-2011); BS, University of Wisconsin; MLS, EdD, Western Michigan University

Munsell, William T., Financial Aid Director (1967-1998)

Pike, Harry E., Vice President for Student Programs and Services (1969-1997); BA 1957, University of Washington; PhD 1969, Michigan State University

Tomlinson, Earl C., Director of Financial Planning and Investments (1972-1980; 1984-1997); BS, Ferris State College; MA, Central Michigan University

White, Beverly E., Director of Human Resources (1976-2011); BS, Lake Superior State College; MBA, Lake Superior State University

Youngblood, Betty J., President (2002-2007); BA 1965, Oakland University; MA 1966, PhD 1970, University of Minnesota