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Lake Superior State University

Electrical Engineering Technology

Program Description

LSSU’s Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) Associate’s program integrates knowledge from areas of study such as science, math, computers, and electrical engineering to prepare you for an engineering technology career.

The EET program includes topics such as C programming, robotics, digital and microcontroller fundamentals. Most technical classes in the curriculum include a laboratory along with the lecture.

Degree Requirements

Engineering and Engineering Technology Courses (26 credits)

  • EGEE125 Digital Fundamentals (C or better required) 4
  • EGEE250 Microcontroller Fundamentals 4
  • EGET110 Applied Electricity (C or better required) 4
  • EGET175 Applied Electronics (C or better required) 4
  • EGME141 Solid Modeling 3
  • EGNR101 Introduction to Engineering 2
  • EGNR140 Linear Algebra and Numerical Methods for Engineers 2
  • EGNR265 C Programming 3

Mathematics and Science Courses (22 credits)

  • CHEM108 Applied Chemistry 3
  • CHEM109 Applied Chemistry Lab 1
  • MATH111 College Algebra (C or better required) 3
  • MATH112 Calculus for Business and Life Science 4
  • MATH131 College Trigonometry 3
  • PHYS221 Elements of Physics I (C or better required) 4
  • PHYS222 Elements of Physics II 4

Free Elective * (5 credits)

General Education: All LSSU Associate’s degree candidates must complete the LSSU General Education Requirements.

A minimum of 62 credits (at the 100 level or higher) must be earned for graduation with a cumulative gpa of 2.00 or higher.  A gpa of 2.00 or higher is also required in your Major, as well as in your General Education Requirements.

* General Education approved Humanities, Social Science, or Cultural Diversity elective is recommended for those students intending to pursue a BS-EET degree.

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