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Lake Superior State University

Minor: Geography

Degree Requirements

Total Credits Required: 20

Geography (9-11 credits)

  • GEOG106 Physical Geography: Landforms 4
  • GEOL121 Physical and Historical Geology I 4
  • GEOG108 Physical Geography: Meteorology and Climatology 4
  • GEOG302 Economic Geography 4
  • GEOG306 Cultural Geography 3
  • GEOG492 Individualized Studies in Geography 2-4

Geography electives to total 20 credits:

  • GEOG201 World Regional Geography 4
  • GEOG321 Geography of Europe and Great Britain 4
  • GEOG322 Geography of South America, Central America and the Caribbean Region 4
  • GEOG323 Geography of East and Southeast Asia 4
  • GEOG325 Regional Geography of North America 4
  • GEOG360 Historical Geography of Eastern North America 4

It is strongly suggested that students pursuing professional careers complete MATH207 Principles of Statistical Methods.

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