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Lake Superior State University

Minor: Humanities

Degree Requirements

Total Credits Required: 24

Required Courses:

Select at least 10 credits from Group A:

HUMN203 Survey of Chinese Culture 3
HUMN240 Native Art and Culture 3
HUMN255 World Mythology 4
HUMN256 Intro Film: Images of Culture 3
HUMN261 World Literature I 3
HUMN262 World Literature II 3
PHIL204 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHIL210 Existentialism 3
PHIL215 Ethical Theory and Practice 3
PHIL250 Philosophy of Religion 3
PHIL302 Ancient Western Philosophy 3
PHIL305 Modern Contemporary Philosophy 3

Select at least 6 credits from Group B:

ARTS109 Principles of Design and Color 3
ARTS110 Fundamentals of Drawing 3
ARTS250 Art History & Appreciation I 4
ARTS251 Art History & Appreciation II 4
SPAN261 Second Year Spanish I 3
SPAN262 Second Year Spanish II 3
FREN251 Second Year French I 4
FREN252 Second Year French II 4
THEA251 History of Drama and Theatre I 3
THEA252 History of Drama and Theatre II 3
DANC305 Dance History 3
ENGL236 Literature and Culture 3
MUSC220 History Appreciation Music I 4
MUSC221 History Appreciation Music II 4

At least 6 of the 24 credits need to be at the 300 level.


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