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Lake Superior State University

Certificate: International Studies

Program Description

This program can be completed in three ways:

  • Concurrently with a B.S. or B.A. degree program
  • Post-baccalaureate program
  • Minor

The purpose of the certificate program is to better prepare a person to work with a more diverse work force. The program is designed to begin preparing students for potential foreign work assignments and improved multicultural relations.

The international studies certificate/minor is an interdisciplinary program. Course substitutions to meet your objectives in international studies may be approved by your academic advisor. As an example, Canadian or American courses might be approved as a substitute for students from countries other than Canada or the U.S. Also, special topics courses listed in the certificate curriculum may change with future development and additional international courses.

The listed courses may be taken throughout a student’s baccalaureate program or as a one-year, post graduate certificate. This program features opportunities for students to study in foreign countries and in classes at Lake Superior State University with international faculty.

This certificate program is Not eligible for federal financial aid.

Degree Requirements

Choose at least one course from six of the following categories to total a minimum of 32 credits.

Category 7, Foreign Language is required.

1. Cultural Diversity

  • SOCY103 Cultural Diversity 3
  • BUSN308 Managing Cultural Differences 3

2. Business and Economics

  • ECON408 International Economics 3
  • INTB486 International Marketing 3
  • BUSN400 Special Topics:

3. Geography

4. Political Science

  • POLI411 U.S. Foreign Policy 3
  • POLI420 Politics of the World Economy 4
  • POLI331 Comparative Politics of Western Europe and Russia 4
  • POLI334 Middle East Politics 3

5. History

  • HIST310 Russia 4
  • HIST316 Europe in the 20th Century 4
  • HIST361 Latin America 4
  • HIST371 Far East Civilization 4
  • HIST442 Diplomatic History of the U.S. 4

6. Humanities

  • HUMN261 World Literature I 3
  • HUMN262 World Literature II 3
  • FREN353 Business French I 3
  • FREN354 Business French II 3
  • FREN360 French Cultural Perspectives 3-4
  • JAPN105 Intensive Introductory Japanese Language I 10
  • JAPN106 Intensive Introductory Japanese Language II 10
  • JAPN201 Culture and Society of Japan I 3
  • JAPN202 Culture and Society of Japan II 3
  • JAPN301 Japanese Art and Culture I 4
  • JAPN302 Japanese Art and Culture II 4

7. Foreign Language

  • A minimum of two semesters of a modern foreign language 8

Special Topics: Study in a foreign country may be used for up to eight credits of the Humanities and/or Foreign Language credits.

A minimum of 32 credits (at the 100 level or higher) must be earned for graduation with a cumulative gpa of 2.00 or higher.

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