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Lake Superior State University

Aquaponics Entrepreneurship

Program Description

The associate of applied science degree in Aquaponics Entrepreneurship covers content in aquaponics, engineering/automation and business; three essential needs areas for the aquaponics industry.  Aquaponics includes an understanding of how to keep plants and aquatic organisms alive, including basic biology, water quality, nutrition, and an introduction to system designs.  The engineering component addresses system automation, as well as an independent study to understand aquaponics systems, pumps, power tools, etc.  The business component includes accounting and marketing skills, as well as an independent study/internship in entrepreneurship, skills that are essential to a successful aquaponics business.

Program Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the program, students will be able to recall and apply principles of:

The basic biology and water quality (chemistry and microbiology) of aquaponics especially as applied to the production of healthy plants.

Operation and maintenance of the equipment, and sustainable energy design components of aquaponics systems.

Operating an economically sustainable aquaponics business through an understanding of business planning, marketing, and accounting.

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements (57 credits):

  • ACTG132 Principles of Accounting I 4
  • BIOL104 Survey of General Biology 4
  • BIOL132 General Biology II:  Organisms 4
  • BIOL232 Introduction to Aquaponics 4
  • BIOL235 Introduction to Protected Horticulture 3
  • BIOL290 Independent Study in Aquaponics 4
  • BUSN121 Introduction to Business 3
  • BUSN299 Internship in Entrepreneurship (SAS) 2
  • BUSN389 Entrepreneurship 3
  • BUSN Business Elective 3
  • CHEM108 Applied Chemistry 3
  • CHEM109 Applied Chemistry Lab 1
  • CSCI105 Introduction to Computer Programming 3
  • CSCI163 Troubleshooting and Repair of Personal Computers 3
  • EGRS215 Introduction to Robotics 2
  • EGNR261 Energy Systems/Sustainability 3
  • MATH111 College Algebra 3
  • MRKT281 Marketing Principles and Strategy 3

Free Electives to total 62 credits

General Education: All LSSU Associate’s degree candidates must complete the LSSU General Education Requirements.

A minimum of 62 credits (at the 100 level or higher) must be earned for graduation with a cumulative gpa of 2.00 or higher.  A gpa of 2.00 or higher is also required in your Major, as well as in your General Education Requirements.

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