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Lake Superior State University

Minor: Public Health

Degree Requirements

Total Credits Required: 22

Required Courses (10 credits):

Choose Three courses within one of the concentrations below:

Drug Abuse Prevention:

  • SOWK204 Fundamentals of Drug Abuse 3
  • SOWK292 Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment 3
  • SOWK341 Addiction 3
  • SOCY420 Sociology of Cannabis 3

Environmental Health:

  • HLTH210 Intro to Health Care Concepts and Issues 3
  • SOCY227 Population and Ecology 3
  • EVRN317 Environmental Health Applications 3
  • POLI342 International Environmental Policy 3
  • BIOL385 Public Health Statistics and Epidemiology 3

Health Education:

  • KINS140 Health and Fitness 3
  • HLTH208 Principles of Human Nutrition 3
  • KINS275 Nutrition Sports Exercise Performance 3
  • NURS/ HLTH328 Multicultural Approaches to Health Care 3
  • PSYC385 Health Psychology 3

Choose one additional elective course from any [of the courses] listed above or one course from any special topics course offered within the course areas listed above (3 credits).




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